Leaders of previous rounds


The leader of the second round is Dmitry Kalinin, MD, PhD, IFCAPlead
Head of Pathology Department at A.V. Vishnevsky Surgery Institute of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare.

The leader of the first round of Pathology Puzzles:leader

Dr.Tshering Dorji, MD
Chief of Pathology
Laboratorio Martini – IMPACTLAB Group:

Dear colleagues, I would like to start this first international Pathology Puzzles project by extending a sincere welcome to everyone. It’s really a great honor for me to be a part of this fantastic project and thanks to the advancement in IT solutions during this last decade every pathologist should promote and share the experience of “doing digital pathology” for the patient benefit. As Ernő Rubik once said that “If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you and If you are determined, you will solve them”. I am sure that we are all on this digital platform to solve some of the greatest puzzles in cancer diagnosis to provide the clinicians with practical and actionable results. In the editorial of Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (2014) Dr. Saad stated that “we must embrace the future as physician leader in high-quality, evidence-based, and value-driven, precision medicine. We have embraced the emerging techniques like electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry in the past and I am fully optimistic that we surely will adapt ourselves with digital pathology and in the same time we must rapidly integrate gene-based diagnostic test in the era of personalized medicine”.

I must also thank all the members of this Digital Pathology© team for providing us with such a wonderful platform without which all our interesting and rare pathology cases might simply be archived without the possibility to share with other colleagues.

Once again I’d like to thank all the participants of thisDigital Pathology© platform for rendering this project a very unique one and ushering the pathology in the new era of healthcare.

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