Pathology Puzzles is based on the Digital Pathology© technology for digital image demonstration and digital slides processing, very much like, and even better than, working with multi-head microscope. Our goal is to make it the best technology of digital pathology images sharing and diagnostics.

We have designed our special offer based on fundamental idea – “collaboration for the proper diagnosis“.

Now you can use Pathology Puzzles not only for watching interesting and rare cases we provide to you, but use our platform for your own needs!

You can have your own space for collaboration with team members within Digital Pathology© technological work area with privileged rights and special management tools.

What you can do with us now in Your internal group:

  • private group case discussions
  • digital slides sharing
  • slide seminars
  • periodical specialized case discussions


If you are interested in this offer please contact us!

Tel: +44 (2036) 954244

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